I went to visit a new church tonight. It’s really close to home. It was nice walking three minutes and arriving at church.

I met some people. I got welcomed. There was a guy with an eye patch. I’m seriously considering making it my home church because who doesn’t want to go to church with a guy with an eye patch?

Chances are, if I do stay, someone will read this and report back to the guy with the eye patch and he’ll come and stick me with his cutlass or something. Not that I’m implying that all people with eye patches are pirates. Some of them are Evil Geniuses. Others were doing an eye test at the Optometrist and forgot to take the patch off, and now they’re wondering why their depth perception is all out. But whatever the reason there’s a good chance they’ve all got a sneeky cutlass hidden away ready to use at the slightest hint of trouble.

Anyway, I had a good time at church. I got welcomed nicely. There was a guy there who was in my youth group 7 years ago. That was nice to see. People invited me to Bible Study tomorrow night. I said I probably wouldn’t go and I didn’t give a reason. I feel like it’s rushing into things you know? I don’t believe in kissing on the first date. I don’t believe in Bible Study in the first week. But then again, I may be brave and confident and turn up at a random person’s house to do Bible Study with a bunch of people I’ve never met from a Church I’ve been to once. I may be that guy.

Anyway, that’s my church report. Oh and I didn’t have paint on my hands, I washed it off with turps. So I’m just boring, old, unhandy me.