My blog is getting a few visits from my work colleagues. This means I’ll have to stop writing rude things about them here. Darn. The dream had to end some time.

I’ve noticed that some blog readers who don’t see a lot of me in real life don’t know where I work. This is because I have deliberately not told anyone. It could be because I work for the Government. But that would be too obvious. Because everyone knows that if you do something secret you work for the government.

No, I work for a Christian ministry organisation, which is a front for a government organisation, which is in itself a front for the R&D division of a dummy corporation set up by a charity run by wolves. Real wolves, that live the forest, hunt in packs, and organise to get tax-exempt status for their charitable works, those kind of wolves.

Of course I pretend I don’t mention what organisation I work for just in case I say something that the people in the marketing division don’t like (“Hello Marketing Division!”). Like for instance if I said that at work we regularly door knock the area and abuse people pretending to be from another religion, hoping people will join our religion because the other religion we were pretending to be was so horrible to them. We don’t do that, but that might be the kind of thing that the marketing department would not like me saying on the internet if it was, in fact, true and I actually worked for an organisation which not just a front, for a front, for a dummy corporation of a K9ish charity. Really I’m just terrified of being hunted down and killed by a pack of wolves.

Anyway, I just wanted to say “Hello” to all my work mates and friends in the animal kingdom.