Have you ever had a dream where you turn up to do something, like give a speech, but your totally unprepared? I have.

Today that happened to me in real life. I was at a school, I did a talk in their chapel, went to the staff room, and then one of the chaplains stood up and said “Right, it’s almost time to go to chapel.”

I spent a little while trying to work out what chapel this was they were talking about. I had no memory of going to another chapel today. I had a feeling it was a primary school chapel seeing as I had just done the high school. So I asked and the Chaplain said “Yes, this is primary school, and you’re speaking. You didn’t know?”

I had no idea it was about to happen. I thought the chapel was on Thursday and so I’d done no preparation for it at all. I don’t know who had stuffed up, it could have been the chaplain’s lack of communication, but I think it’s more likely I just clean forgot. I do so much teaching when I visit this school, it’s hard to remember everything.

Anyway I literally had 10 minutes to figure out what I was going to do, while having to hold a conversation with the chaplain about the schools upcoming holiday club. Happily, unlike the dreams where the moment where your realise you have to do a talk and you have nothing prepared streaches on for hours, till you wake up or find yourself on a train with your year 5 teacher, in real life it’s not nearly so terrible. I adjusted my talk from the morning as the chapel was on the same topic and rejoiced that I just reduced my preparation load significantly. I don’t think it was my best talk ever, but it did the job, and I’m happy to see that those dreams aren’t so bad in real life.