Gotham Scouting

Kaye and Scott take photos of potential.

Today was a pretty exciting day. Kaye, Scott and I went on a field trip to our two potential locations for our church plant. Kaye and Scott are the other two people who are going to be pastoring the church plant with me, so chances are, they’ll be making more appearances here on the blog in the future.

We headed out to north-west Sydney and visited to very different places. One semi-rural community (on the rural-urban fringe I learnt about in year 11 geography), which is about to go nuts with development. And another housing development that is surrounded by a golf course. The semi-rural scouting trip consisted of walking around the suburb, visiting the shops, the station and looking at all the paddocks which will soon turn into a warren of brick homes with their garages set one metre back and solidly built letter boxes on the front lawn. We saw some cows, dead birds and a brown snake. We also saw their giant train station, boarded up old church and second hand furniture shop. I spent a bit of time thinking about that book “Where the Forest Meets the Sea” and about how the small sea-side community got completely changed by the seaside development. This little community is soon going to become something completely different. Hopefully it’ll retain its heart.

We followed this up with a trip to the housing estate. We visited the sales centre and had a chat to the salesman there. We told him we wanted to plant a church and asked him if anything was planned for the area. He said he hadn’t heard anything. He also told us it was the first time in his career that anyone has talked to him about planting a church. He didn’t have any land for us to build our mega-church on but the community centre is being built and we could probably use that. It’s right next to the golf club which means after church lunch in the bistro is a distinct possibility. I like that.

It was a pretty enjoyable trip. Very encouraging. Between those two places I think we’re gonna have somewhere to plant a church. I’m feeling excited that things are moving. The three of us are getting on pretty well, and we’re learning to navigate our way through leading something like this together. I wouldn’t say we’ve found our rhythm yet, we’re still pretty polite to each other, but it’s early days. We like each other and tend to be on the same page with the way to go about things. I’m certainly enjoying having people to do this with. I think doing all this and making these decisions by myself would be lonely and intimidating. But doing them together, it’s exciting and energising. We don’t really know what we’re doing but we don’t know what we’re doing together and that’s the best way to to do it.