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A photo from my early days of blogging.

That’s right everyone this is the post we’ve been working towards for over ten years. This is my four-thousandth blog post!

That my friends is an achievement. I have achieved many things in life. I’ve made a lot of stuff happen for myself:

I’ve been born. – Good one, Tom!
I’ve made television history – Excellent!
I’ve invented a new emotion which is now being used worldwide – You’re a winner!

But nothing is as great as writing 4000 blog posts.

Generally when a TV show reaches a milestone episode they spend the whole episode just showing old clips as an excuse to give the writers some time off. Or in the case of Wheel of Fortune, for their 4000th Episode they didn’t have any reminiscing, they gave away $5,800 and had balloons! Well you aren’t getting money or balloons. I’m gonna give you some reminiscing as a sign of my appreciation of how far we’ve come together and my belief that you guys are all too stupid or lazy to use the archives yourself. (You know I don’t mean that.)

So let’s get started:

Who can forget that very first blog post when I was working at the cinema and feeling guilty for reading Ryan’s secret thoughts, but sharing none of my own? What a great start to a brillant blogging career.

But that start in June 2001 was really just a false start. It wasn’t until December the following year that I really got to blogging for real. I posted nuggets of excellence like this, this, and, ohmigoodness this. As you can see, neither Facebook nor Twitter had been invented yet, so I needed somewhere to vent my narcissistic banalities to the entire world.

In that first year of blogging, I blogged over 1000 times. Which is impressive until you read the blog posts, then you may conclude that the internet would be a better place if this were only my 3000th blog post.

If you’re wanting to know how excellent my blog looked in those days, it looked like this. That’s like showing a photo of me from the seventies with a big moustache and chest coming out of an orange floral shirt. But don’t worry, like all things in fashion, that original look of my blog is going to be fashionable again soon. You just watch. (In the meantime, check out this for sexiness!)

But let’s not get bogged down in the insignificant posts. This blog has been part of some significant moments in history. Like when the war in Iraq started, or when the US got it’s first African-American President, or the time I saw real boobs on stage.

I’ve also used it for personal moments. I’ve quoted lyrics and non-lyrics for girls that I’ve liked. I’ve blogged about the death of my friend, the birth of my nephew and the God I love.

I blogged about my first day in a new job and about the last day in that same job. I also blogged about my first night of youth group, and last night of youth group six years later. I blogged about my year of unemployment that followed.

I blogged about when I lost my tooth (with photos) and when I saw U2 for the first time.

I’ve traveled all over the world. From Russia, to Hungary, to England, to Kenya, to Guatemala, to New Zealand.

But I don’t blog about my life. I blog about serious things too. I’ve blogged about the cross, the cross, the cross, and funnily enough about the cross. But don’t think I’m a broken theological record. I’ve also blogged about women in ministry, original sin, and if Jesus was a twin.

Of course I could go on cataloguing my blog for hours. But you should know how to search for things yourself. I recommend searching for something juvenile like “poo” or “bum”. You’re bound to have plenty of stuff to read if you do that. So let me just finish up by sharing with you a few of my most popular posts.

This post of photos of LA is the most popular post on my whole blog according to the statistics. I think it’s mainly because of the photo the Disney Music Hall.

This post about getting held up at McDonald’s, is the post that has got the most hits in a single day.

This post about Benny Hinn was just very popular.

And finally, let me finish by giving you the post with the most amount of nudity in it, because I know that’s what you’re all here for.

Thanks for reading everyone. It’s been mighty fun these last 4,000 posts. I’ll see you again for post 8,000.