The Scav Hunt Photos

2013 Score: 430

These are my photos for the March Photo Scavenger Hunt.

I’m only going to post some of them on my blog. I’m going to post all of them here. Enjoy.

Day 10

Inside and Empty Stadium – 85 points

Day 9
Sydney Gif Longer

Animated GIF – 45 points

Day 8

First Line of a Novel – 61 points
”I am an invisible man.” — Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

Day 7

Light – 11 points

Day 6
Instagram Celeb-3

With an Instagram Celebrity – 87 points

This is me with @avamehari, also known as Jess. She’s a total Instagram celebrity with, currently, 179,069 followers on Instagram. She was very kind to let me take some dumb photos with her.

By the way, I should make clear, she never posts photos of food.

Check out her profile:

Thanks also to Cal for providing the camera props.

Day 5
Long Exposure-1

Long Exposure – 35 points

Day 4

Street Photography – 42 points

Day 3

Model – 14 points

Day 2
RandE Wedding-1

In Love – 40 points

Day 1

Your Mum – 10 points

2012 Final Score: 482

Day 31

Cross-dressing – 15 points

Day 30

All dressed up – 9 points

Day 29

Serving someone at Maccas – 35 points

Day 28

Up a tree – 10 points

Day 27

In a different country from the one you were in on 1st March – 50 points

Christchurch, New Zealand

Day 26

House you used to live in – 10 points

Day 25

Photo Series – 20 points

To see the full series, go here

Day 24

Getting the number of someone you don’t know – 17 points

Day 23

Underground – 13 points

Day 22

On a roof – 6 points

Day 21

An old photo in the same spot – 15 points

Day 20

A Family Member – 5 points

My mum has two fingers up because this is her second scav hunt photo for the day. My Grandpa has one finger up because he’s awesome.

Day 19

A photo of a photo of a photo – 9 points

Original photo here.

Day 18

A family different from yours – 15 points

The baby is Flick, she’s not theirs. They were babynapping I think. It’s a common problem in churches I find.

Day 17

3:33am – 15 points

Day 16

Somewhere Dark – 5 points

Day 15

With Someone Famous – 30 points

Day 14

Secret – 10 points

When my parents re-did their kitchen in 2007 I found a secret drawer. I wondered how long it would take them to find it. I wrote that note and left it in the drawer. Prophetically finding the secret drawer also got you 10 points. Also like the scavenger hunt winning 10 points won you nothing, you just knew you were a winner.

Day 13

Reproduce a photo on Facebook – 10 points

This is the photo we were reproducing.

Day 12

At the Movies – 10 points

Day 11

In Church – 10 points

Day 10

Somewhere up high – 13 points

Day 9


At your old school – 10 points

Day 8

Moving Picture (Click the photo to see it move) – 5 points

I know it’s low in points, but high in fun. And this is all about fun right?

Day 7

You in a different city from the one you were in on March 1st – 25 points


Just as a side note, it was rather a mission to get this photo. I got totally drenched walking from the city centre to the headland, and I got quite a few looks as I kept trying different poses in front of the camera.

On another note, I’m not sure how I feel about the processing of this photo, but I’m fiddling with Lightroom, and that is fun.

Day 6

Sunrise – 12 points

Day 5

Geocache – 20 points

Day 4

More than ten people you can name – 15 points

Will, Loz, Chris, Alex, Eva, Shelly. Rach. Cal, Jenny, Chantalle, Mark, Tim and Georgie.

Day 3

Underwater – 13 points

Day 2

Photo with a Stranger – 20 Points

This is Lauren. She is 18. Her favourite food is Butter Chicken.

Day 1

Photo with a story – 30 points

Geocaching, lifesaving, lost dogs, beautiful women, and blood. Read the full story here.

Props to Howie for the idea of the page.

8 thoughts on “The Scav Hunt Photos”

  1. Day 3 is hilarious! And a great photo to boot!

  2. Dear Tom,
    Could you please put your photos in reverse chronological order? Scrolling loses the fun factor after photo 3, and by day 21 I probably won’t bother.

  3. (BTW the “day 21” remark isn’t really true. I will probably still scroll down, but won’t enjoy your photos as much because I will be thinking, “I would be enjoying this more if I didn’t have to scroll down so far. If only Tom had put his photos in reverse chronological order.” It’s all about the user experience. So the webby people tell me.)

  4. I agree with Lesley. Pretty please.

  5. Done.

  6. Thankyou!

  7. Thank you!

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