March Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

This is the old page for the March Photo Scavenger Hunt. Check out the new one:

Who wants to do a Photo Scavenger Hunt?

It’ll be just like the photo scavenger hunts you did as a teenager, except you blog the photos, or put them on Facebook, and you don’t take a whole lot at once. You take one per day. Only one. Try and get the highest amount of points.

Some rules:

  • Photos must be posted on the day you take them (e.g. you cannot fly to New Zealand at the beginning of March, take a photo, then post it at the end of the month so you save your winning shot till the last possible moment).
  • Post your photos to a blog, or public Facebook album. Stick the link to your blog or your Facebook album in the comments of this page (or the Facebook page).
  • You can only post one photo per day (unless you are doing a series, in which case points are awarded for the series and not for multiple photos).
  • Each photo can only fill one category.
  • Taking photos of photos is not allowed except in the case where the challenge is to take a photo of a photo of a photo (e.g. the famous person must actually be in the photo).
  • If you fail to post a photo on any given day you will lose 5 points.
  • If you repeat a challenge you won’t get any points and lose 5 points.
  • Points will be added up at the end of the month.
  • The winner will in the title of “Winner”. Nikon will also give them a free camera*.

The pages and albums for those participating are:

Anthony Duke
Tom French
Jenny Howie
Robert Howie
James Noble
Ming Wty


You in a different country from the one you were in on March 1st. – 50 points
You getting a tattoo – 40 points
You serving someone on a register at Maccas – 35 points
With someone famous (cannot be a politician) – 30 points
A photo with a good story behind it (tell story in description) – 30 points
With a train driver – 30 points
Sky diving – 30 points
You in a different city from the one you were in on March 1st. – 25 points
Studio Shot – 25 points
Reproduce a famous photo in the same location – 25 points
With a Politician – 20 points
With a stranger (must include name, age, and their favourite meal in description) – 20 points
Your Landlord – 20 points
A photo series – 20 points
Geocache – 20 points
Lightening – 18 points
Getting the number of someone you don’t know – 17 points
You with someone you once had a crush on (cannot be a current boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife) – 15 points
A religious leader (non-Christian) – 15 points
More than 10 people you can name – 15 points
With a bus driver – 15 points
With a Postie (on duty, friends of Kenny)– 15 points
3:33am – 15 points
Cross dressing – 15 points
Music Festival – 15 points
On a roller coaster – 15 points
With your dentist – 15 points
A family that isn’t yours (must be human) – 15 points
An old photo in the same spot (like this) – 15 points
Your face-painted – 15 points
With a fancy car – 13 points
Underwater – 13 points
Underground – 13 points
Somewhere up high – 13 points
11:22am Saturday Morning – 12 points
Sunrise – 12 points
Up a tree – 10 points
At the movies – 10 points
At the beach – 10 points
At a museum – 10 points
Clubbing – 10 points
Police – 10 points
At your old school – 10 points
Kissing – 10 points
With your Boss – 10 points
In the middle of nowhere – 10 points
A house you used to live in – 10 points
In church (or place of worship) – 10 points
Buying a coffee for stranger – 10 points
Reproduce a photo on Facebook – 10 points
Secret – 10 points
A photo of a photo of a photo – 9 points
All dressed up – 8 points
Giving flowers – 7 points
2:23pm Wednesday – 7 points
Directing Traffic – 7 points
Sunset – 7 points
On a roof – 6 points
Doing a hand stand – 6 points
Holding hands – 5 points
Rollerblading – 5 points
On a roundabout – 5 points
Beautiful – 5 points
Scary – 5 points
Instagram – 5 points
On a bus – 5 points
Swimming – 5 points
A family member – 5 points
Moving Picture – 5 points
Ironing board surfing – 5 points
With an x-ray of part of your body – 5 points
In front of a building, street sign, etc that has the same first/last name as yours – 5 points
On a train – 5 points
Somewhere dark (not pitch black) – 5 points
Somewhere old – 5 points
Somewhere new – 5 points
Pub – 5 points
On your way to work – 4 points
On the edge of the atmosphere – 4 points
Favourite book – 4 points
On your way home from work – 4 points
Backyard – 3 points
Straws up nose – 3 points
Playing a sport – 3 points
Long boarding – 3 points
At work – 3 points
Best friend – 3 points
Pet – 2 points
Dirty clothes basket – 2 points
Coffee – 2 points
Eating breakfast – 1 points
Where you sleep – 1 point
Yawning – 1 point
Foot – 1 point

Do you have any more suggestions? Put them in the comments.

Feel free also to comment if you think the points allocation is off or you want to clarify the rules. Or just comment if you wanna join the scav hunt.

*Probably not actually. Nikon don’t know I volunteered them for it. But if you win, write to them, tell them you won and see if they’ll give you a camera.

The Hunt’s Closing Remarks

For everyone except our international competitors, the March Photo Scavenger Hunt is over, and wasn’t it good fun?

Firstly I’d like to say thanks to you all for playing, it was super fun. I loved seeing all your photos, I loved the lengths people went to getting photos. I loved that people talked to strangers, stalked famous people, jumped out of planes, dressed up, got wet, and went to other countries all in the hunt for points. Your commitment to the hunt made me consistently happy.

When I created the Scav Hunt I didn’t expect so many people to play. But for some reason, 37 of you got on-board and went hard (mostly). I’ve had so many people tell me how much they were enjoying seeing your photos go up each day. I’ve also had many people tell me they’re playing next year. Yeehaa! 2013 is going to be bigger and better.

Our winner, Jenny Howie, did amazing! No-one else was so committed and went so hard to win. For nothing but glory she did all but one of the top 31 categories. She very much deserves to have the title “Winner” for the rest of her life. I’m hoping she gets it tattooed somewhere to celebrate.

I think there isn’t anyone who would disagree with me, when I say that by far, the most beautiful, artistic, and consistently high quality photos were done by Mark White. Every day I looked forward to seeing what Mark would do. I regularly found myself looking back through Mark’s photos just because I loved them. If you haven’t seen them, make sure you try and get a look. If there was a prize for best photography, Mark would win it.

I think a special mention should also be made for Tom Martin who won our first wooden spoon. -129 points is a solid effort in non-participation. Good work, Tom.

Well done to the people who managed to post a photo every day. Only 10 of the 37 people who played managed this. It certainly is hard work posting a photo every day. You guys did great.

I loved seeing how creative you guys were with your photos. While often people seemed to see how far they could press a definition of a category, the search for easier ways to do things lead to some great lateral thinking.

To all those of you who had a photo rejected, I appreciated you graciousness in accepting my decision and not getting angry at me. It made things a whole lot easier and less stressful for me. You were lovely even when things didn’t go your way.

Now I know that next year’s game is still eleven months away, but I’m already getting excited.

Here are some of the things I’m thinking about implementing:

–       More categories.

–       More points.

–       Bonus twenty-four hour rounds.

–       Higher scoring more difficult photos to make a perfect score much more difficult and leave the field open for longer.

–       More clearly defined high scoring categories to prevent liberal interpretations of categories.

–       More lower scoring categories you can interpret liberally to encourage creativity.

–       Creating a way to honour photos that are artistically impressive.

–       Creating a better way to centralise photos and tally scores. Maybe with a dedicated website. I can’t really make that though so I’ll need some help. Any IT guys wanna lend some skills?

–       Keeping plenty of easy categories for those people who get home at 11:30pm and think “Crap I haven’t posted a photo today”.

–       Posting the categories on 1st February for a month of pre-planning.

I have more thoughts but that’ll do for now. If you have thoughts, email me or inbox me. I’ll listen. I want to hear your ideas. We can make 2013 even better than 2012.

But before I get started on next year, I think we should celebrate this year.

So if any of you are keen, I’m gonna head to Bi-Centennial Park in Homebush for a Post-Scav Hunt picnic on Saturday, 7th April. We’ll hang out, take photos, eat food, through Frisbees. It’ll be great. I’ll stick up all the details soon. You should all join us. Even if you haven’t played, you’ve just enjoyed watching you should join.

That’s about all I have to say.

Well done. Thank you all for playing, encouraging each other, and posting great photos. Like I said, it’s been super fun. Let’s do it again some time.

42 thoughts on “March Photo Scavenger Hunt”

  1. I like the idea Tom, but feel that work could get in the way … dang that work thang

    • Work? Bah. Take a holiday. I reckon you could do plenty of those and still go to work.

      I’ll add one for you, with your boss. See work related.

  2. one of your rules is “Taking photos of photos is not allowed (e.g. the famous person must actually be in the photo).”

    then one of your challenges is “A photo of a photo of a photo – 9 points”


  3. I’m getting more excited, and willing to fly to NZ for a day just get 50 points! Resolution 2012 in action – Actively cultivate silliness in my life.

  4. * Underground – 13 points
    * Somewhere up high – 13 points
    * Up a tree – 10 points
    * With a postie – 15 points
    * With an x-ray of part of your body – 5 points
    * In front of a building, street sign, etc that has the same first/last name as yours – 5 points
    * In the middle of nowhere – 10 points
    * Somewhere dark – 5 points
    * Somewhere old – 5 points
    * Somewhere new – 5 poiints

  5. At the edge of the atmosphere???

  6. When will you post the final list? I need to plan my strategy!

  7. I also really need to go to bed.

  8. I’ll post on the 28th. But it’ll be pretty similar to this so you can start planning I reckon.

  9. Thank you for asking the question Lesley of when the final list will be posted. I’m thinking strategy too.

    Am I that guy? Yes, I suppose I am…

  11. Erin and I are in.

  12. Points of clarification

    1. Does the Studio Shot have to be a real one, (i.e. where you go to a studio and pay $ for pancake makeup and pouffy hair-do), or can it be our own interpretation of what we think a studio shot could be???

    2. The sky dive. If I did this I’m hardly going to take my iphone with me. What if no one else takes a photo or witnesses the event?

    • If it looks like a studio shot, it’ll be a studio shot. But it can’t be a parody of a studio shot unless it looks like a studio shot. I’m looking for good lighting and clean backdrops.

      Sky dive instructors take cameras with them. At least that’s the impression I get from all the photos I’ve seen on Facebook of my friends skydiving.

  13. I’ve left my run a bit late… But I’m in.
    Photos will be posted on my Facebook:

    Game on.

  14. Clarification questions:
    – photo series? Are you able to explain this one please sir?
    – X-RAY – does the X-ray need to have been taken on the day, or just the photo of you holding your x-ray?

    • X-Ray can be taken at anytime.

      Photo series is a series of photos that tell a story, revolve around the same theme, or are taken at the same time. For instance you could do a photo series of about going shopping, or a series of photos of red cars, or a bunch of photos of you break dancing.

      There need to be at least three photos in the series.

  15. So I have heard there has been some debate over which photos need to include you and which photos can just be of the object. Here are my clarifications.

    – All photos must either include you or be taken by you. If you get a friend to take a photo of you doing one of the activities that’s fine. You can be in every photo too if you want.
    – If the category specifically states you must be in the photo (e.g. “You in a different city…”, “With a train driver…”) then you must be in it.
    – If the category doesn’t state where you should be, then you can interpret how you like. Categories should be interpreted literally.
    – You do not have to skydive to get the skydiving points, however it is encouraged, and there must be actual human sky divers skydiving in the photo. You cannot throw you cat out a window and call it skydiving. You cannot jump off a balcony with a backpack on and call it skydiving.
    – Lightening is actually lightning, but you can take a photo of lightening too.
    – Police are real police, not police on TV (that’s a photo of a photo), or toy police cars.
    – There need to be at least three photos in your series to be a photo series.

    Are there any other categories you would like clarified?

  16. Mel Gardiner said:

    Can I play too? I don’t do technology well but this looks like fun! I can put my photos on my facebook page – not sure if everyone will see them but Jenny, Howie & James will be able to at least…

  17. Hey Tom! I am playing too 🙂

  18. Is it too late to jump on the bandwagon?

    • You can join. You’ll lose five points for not posting yesterday. But you should be able to get up, no worries.

      Go ask to join the Facebook group, it’s called March Photo Scavenger Hunt, or just post the link to where your photos will be here.

  19. Mel Gardiner said:

    So I don’t do technology but I think I worked it out so hopefully this is the link to my photos (although I haven’t worked out how to add Day 1 yet)

  20. The link will be via

    They’ll all be regular posts but easily enough distinguished

  21. I’ve been wondering why everyone has been posting photos all this time. And I finally read this now. That’s sad cause it sounded fun. If you do it again I’d play.

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